Channel Partner Programs

DMP's Channel Partner Programs offer:

Channel Partner Programs

  • Replicable lead generation programs
  • Fast and scalable process to boost channel sales
  • Program accountability
  • Decreased risk due to increased control throughout the campaign
  • Improved sales efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Elevated company status

If your sales strategy calls for delivering leads to a channel marketing partner, then you face additional complexity along with multiplied opportunities. Channel marketing can greatly increase the reach and volume of your sales. But marginal leads, which could be successfully worked internally, may not be as productive when a channel partner has its own methodology and less understanding of your product or service.

Successful Channel Partner Program

Making channel partner programs succeed is a DMP specialty. We provide channel partner lead management programs based on the same best practices utilized for our own multi-touch campaigns, so that even a novice partner can enjoy the sophisticated methodologies found at large and experienced firms. This improves sales efficiency by keeping channel partners focused on pre-screened and qualified prospects for your services and solutions. It also elevates your company's status by feeding partners true, sales ready qualified leads.

Depending on your requirements, programs can range from simple to complex multi-partner channel support programs. And once developed and tested, we can leverage your campaigns and roll them out amongst partners, ensuring program consistency, thus helping you make the most of your MDF investments.