It takes 7-13+ touches to convert a cold prospect into a sales-ready lead.

Because it takes 7 – 13+ touches to convert a cold prospect into a sales-ready lead, sales pipeline nurturing and management is crucial to the livelihood of every B2B organization with a complex sales process. If done correctly, B2B firms will see increased sales, decreased costs and shorter sales cycle timelines resulting in significantly improved profitability.

If you are like many companies, your automated demand creation efforts probably aren’t filling your pipeline with the amount of quality leads needed to meet your sales goals. In order to drive demand and revenue, you must quickly engage non-responders to accelerate the conversion from marketing responses to closed deals.

Direct Marketing Partners’ demand creation programs help clients break through barriers by delivering their value propositions and maximizing near term sales with a qualified sales-ready lead pipeline. We analyze your target market and deploy multi-touch, multi-channel activities in order to discover the optimal touch patterns for your unique offerings. As contacts become more familiar with your brand, they begin to qualify at significantly higher rates.

As leads are acquired, the results are captured in detailed reports and executive dashboards to close the loop with sales pipeline information and feedback. And of course, our lead management systems are compatible with and all other leading CRM/SFA tools.

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12 Tips to Shorten the Lead Nurturing Process

  1. Plan with the perfect customer in mind
  2. Clearly define a “sales-ready” lead
  3. Quantify your sales-ready lead quota
  4. Align sales, marketing & management with your lead-to-sale plan
  5. Segment your target markets
  6. Improve target prospect data
  7. Make your offer compelling
  8. Tell a story with your content
  9. Listen to prospects and engage with the human touch
  10. Send an email or direct mail as first touches
  11. Track all touch metrics
  12. Acquire or develop comprehensive lead management resources