I’m in sales, and I’ll miss my quota if I don’t begin with qualified leads.

That’s why I love sales leads generated through Direct Marketing Partners. They deliver true BANT leads that come prequalified so I have the information I need to turn my prospects’ budget, authority, need and timeline into sales. So not only do I meet my quota, I blow past it.

DMP also serves as the strong right arm of sales by:

  • Helping to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.
  • Setting the stage for complex sales:
    • Cold calling to set the stage or to set up appointments for the sales force. They excel at finding new prospects in existing accounts.
    • Helping me “steer the course” with my pre-sales process so if something isn’t resonating with customers and prospects, we can fix it.
  • Handling simple or transactional sales:
    • Managing add-on, up-sell and cross-sell programs to build value
    • Running end-of-life product sales to eliminate aging inventory and costly write-offs
    • Handling warranty sales to maintain owner loyalty
    • Renewing annual sales contracts
    • Selling events

When I rely on a tele-prospecting or lead generation partner, I need them to follow my exact spec and that’s what I get with DMP. Additionally, their “Sales-Ready Plus” lead profiles option offers insight into prospects such as hobbies, interests and other information so I can smoothly match the sales conversation to my prospect’s personal style.

The bottom line is that Direct Marketing Partners keeps the leads coming, so I can keep in front of prospects, closing sales and meeting quotas.