A powerful strategy…

if done right


Account Based Marketing is an enterprise go- to- market methodology with a long track record of improving:
  • Sales in target accounts
  • Lifetime value of key accounts
  • Close rates
  • Marketing ROI

What you may not know is that Direct Marketing Partners has been leading the charge in ABM since 1991, when database marketing was all the rage.

How does the ABM approach work?
  • Account Based Marketing, aligns Sales and Marketing by creating one common goal
  • In accounts with complex sales, there are primary decision makers, key influencers, end users, technical teams, procurement departments and other stakeholders involved in the selection process. To reach them can be arduous and time consuming for sales reps.
  • ABM nurtures relationships. ABM is proactive in its intent to identify your key targets, connect with them, determine their roles and needs and communicate your value proposition from each contact’s unique perspective.
  • ABM favors highly personalized outbound strategies over inbound to achieve your desired results. This is where DMP can help your company shine.
  • ABM requires skilled communications.
DMP’s goal is to help companies focus on their buyer’s journey.

Opportunities for conversion increase if the efforts of both sales and marketing are aimed at on your target accounts.

To learn more about how Direct Marketing Partners can help you develop a winning Account Based Marketing strategy, please contact us.