Do you have the best pipeline building approach for your company?


Profit from DMP’s 27 years of sales lead pipeline building know how

Choosing the right approach to best build a lead pipeline and converting it into sales is an important decision. You don’t have to go at it alone. DMP has advised companies on how to develop qualified lead sales pipelines over the years and you can tap into that expertise.


We advise firms on the best practices for optimizing conversions of their inbound lead response, nurturing and qualification efforts.


We coach companies on the most effective methods for targeting prospects with outbound prospecting to fill the sales team’s pipelines.

DMP has several available options:

  • Build or enhance your outbound team
    • Design of thorough SDR team building plans to support your sales organization.
    • Develop SDR Playbooks
  • Partner with DMP to be your SDR group
    • Use DMP as your custom turnkey SDR team along with our proven processes and systems to accelerate your entire prospecting pipeline.
  • Hybrid approach
    • Strategically combine your staff with DMP’s SDR reps, optimize the results and scale up economically.
Data & Lists:

DMP can assess your current prospect data and help you determine the gaps that need to be closed in order to successfully achieve your lead generation goals.

  • DMP can also conduct research to determine the best sources and present the options in a straightforward plan.
  • DMP can advise on the best approach for ABM.
For start-up companies:

For Startup companies, DMP can function as a CMO-On-Demand. Drawing from years of experience in setting up tele-prospecting and multi-channel lead gen plans, we can quickly create a go-to-market road map to achieve your revenue growth objectives, As part of this service , DMP can:

  • Identify target prospects and list sources
  • Set-up a Sales Development team overnight
  • Establish your demand generation conversion metrics
  • Generate leads
  • Track and nurture leads through the sales funnel with detailed metric reports
  • Create brand awareness