Your inbound responses are solid gold.


Direct Marketing Partner’s Inquiry Management Services offer:
  • Inbound response
  • Customer service and support
  • Order entry and processing
  • Product information requests
  • Electronic fulfillment
  • Customer retention programs and promotions

Our clients typically use multiple media such as email, direct mail, and on- and off-line advertising, all in an effort of lead generation. However, they often don’t have the staff to respond to inquiries in a timely manner so a hot prospect goes cold and the sale goes to a competitor. But when inquiry management services are outsourced to Direct Marketing Partners, lead aging stops in its tracks.

Quickly Engage Prospects

Our reps serve as an extension of your company to quickly engage prospects responding to your campaigns. DMP represents your company in the best light and captures all information required to process the inquiry promptly, accurately and completely.

DMP is well positioned to provide these benefits because we recruit employees who project an authentic personality and real interest in the caller and their needs. We don’t follow a canned script but respond flexibly to a call as it unfolds. We don’t follow a canned script but respond flexibly to a call as it unfolds. We don’t put your prospects through confusing and frustrating menu choices, thereby responding in a more direct and timely fashion. Through our sophisticated multi-channel contact center, DMPĀ“s inquiry management services have the ability to respond both to digital inquiries from online sites as well as handling inbound calls.

In many cases, clients will retain us on a short-term basis to handle a spike in inquiries resulting from a marketing campaign. They find that because of the work ethic and attention to detail that our reps provide, results are equivalent to those from in-house staff without the expense and time required to train new hires.