DMP’s Demand Generation service is designed to help both established and start-up companies selling in the B2B world. We recognize that there are differences between the lead generation approach needed to close a complex sale with that required for a simpler, transactional sale.

For the complex sale, we offer full-service demand generation to fill your pipeline with fresh sales-ready leads. For transactional sales, DMP solutions deepen existing customer relationships as well as helping find new customers for your simpler products and services.

Consider the Options

We know how to apply proven sales models to turn your one-time customers into repeat customers. Our team will design a program to meet your specific requirements:

  • Add-on, up-sell and cross-sell programs to build value
  • Database management to track customers
  • Email programs
  • End-of-life product sales to eliminate aging inventory and costly write-offs
  • Warranty sales to maintain owner loyalty
  • Annual sales contract renewals
  • Events

Manage Relationships

Developing strong customer relationships is a critical strategy to staying ahead of your competition. DMP has the selling skills to ensure you always have positive, productive customer interactions:

  • Dedicated agents for your campaign ensure a consistent marketing message
  • Multiple call attempts to each contact
  • Scalable programs and proven processes can handle small to large campaigns
  • Expertise in CRM to maintain long-term partnerships

Start New Relationships or Ventures

Launching new products or services in an unknown space can be daunting. You need to demonstrate quickly that your offering not only works, but attracts enough attention to build awareness. You may also lack the resources necessary to propel your solution into the marketplace effectively. DMP can help by:

  • Quickly creating a go-to-market plan to achieve your revenue growth objectives, drawing from years of experience in setting up tele-prospecting and multi-channel plans
  • Identifying target prospects and list sources
  • Setting-up a telesales team overnight
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Tracking sales performance with metric reports
  • Provide crucial market feedback

Watch Revenue Grow

With DMP’s consistent and timely metric reports, you always know where you stand in your telesales campaign and are afforded a simple calculation of your ROI to gauge your results. We provide you with the information and feedback to help understand customer needs allowing you to respond proactively to the market.