The Human Touch

The human touch point is a critical component in building 1:1 relationships and qualifying leads. That’s why DMP has invested in the infrastructure and professional development necessary to make B2B tele-prospecting (“voice”) a core competency.

  • Our contact center representatives/lead development reps are professional listeners and B2B communicators.
  • They’re adept at navigating the enterprise and dealing with high – level decision making executives and their gatekeepers
  • All representatives are routinely monitored and coached for constant improvement.

Direct Marketing Partners provides outbound, inbound and blended IB/OB contact center services. We offer small programs all the way up to cost saving, multi rep, dedicated teams for long term projects. DMP also offers a hybrid approach, working in tandem with clients’ sales teams, filling in as needed.

DMP campaigns and systems are compatible with all CRM/SFA tools for smooth integration.

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