The human touch point is a critical component in building 1:1 relationships and qualifying leads in the complex B2B sales environment. That’s why DMP has invested in the infrastructure and professional development necessary to make B2B tele-prospecting a core competency.

Our contact center representatives are professional listeners and B2B communicators who benefit from extensive training including a firm grounding in our clients’ businesses and direct marketing best practices. They’re adept at navigating the enterprise and dealing with high – level decision making executives, as well as their gatekeepers and administrative assistants. As an ongoing standard operating procedure, all representatives are routinely monitored and coached for continuous improvement. This results in the highest quality and productivity levels for each client.

Direct Marketing Partners provides outbound, inbound and blended IB/OB contact center services. We offer small programs all the way up to cost saving, multi rep, dedicated teams for long term projects.

DMP is accomplished at performing all types of B2B tele-prospecting. Depending on your requirements, programs can range from a simple one-touch outbound calling tactic to clean, build or qualify your list, to a targeted lead generation tele-prospecting multi-touch program with complete ROI tracking. DMP campaigns and systems are compatible with all CRM/SFA tools for smooth integration.

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