ABM Programs- Targeting Criteria (Part 2 in a Series)

ABM Insight #2 – Account Targeting Made Easy   First some quick context – I teach an Account Based Marketing workshop for the Direct Marketing Association. (www.dmanc.org) Often I’m asked to outline the basic approaches that companies can take in establishing their target accounts. So here’s a quick summary.   Three straight forward approaches to … Continued

ABM Programs – an Overview (Part 1 in a Series)

  ABM Insight 1: A clear perspective on ABM   Recently there have been a number of Account Based Marketing (ABM) definitions floating around the industry. Here is one that I like for its brevity. “A strategic go-to-market approach that orchestrates personalized marketing, sales and success efforts to land and expand named accounts” A few … Continued

Cyber Security Client’s Journey

  Part I in a Series of Customer Case Studies My name is David Monfort and I am the Director of Customer Strategy at Direct Marketing Partners (DMP). My job is to help clients strengthen their sales funnels. My job is to help clients strengthen their sales funnels. Smart strategy and extremely thorough processes/execution are … Continued

Are Campaign Progress Meetings Necessary?

As I hear bits and pieces of campaign-related conversations at the Direct Marketing Partners contact center, I’m realizing more and more the importance of customer/team meetings with respect to our B2B direct marketing endeavors. This is a very simple matter – but one which evidently needs promotion. Whether the campaigns are lead generation, profiling, list … Continued

The Sometimes-Silent Call Center… A Single-Malt or a Cocktail

When it comes to lead generation, one size does not fit all. While some swear by using marketing automation alone, others believe that a good email tool, tele-prospecting, or social media by themselves are the way to go. My 30 years of experience with thousands of demand generation projects have taught me that the reality … Continued

11 Tips To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns – Tip 11: Analyze Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Metrics

We are often asked, “How can I prove that the changes I’ve made are helping to improve our lead-to-sales funnel?” The answer is…. KPIs. Here are some of the key performance indicator (kpi) metrics that you may want to measure and use to analyze your campaigns and lead-to-sales conversion metrics: List source performance & penetration … Continued

11 Tips To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns. Tip 9: Consider Tele-Qualification If You Want A Force Multiplier

As each quarter winds down, you and your team no doubt review your marketing lead-to-sales pipeline conversion rates. How are you doing? If the funnel conversion metrics are lower than expected or you just want to increase them, you may want to consider adding peer-to-peer tele-qualification to your touch sequence. Research indicates that peer to … Continued