Do you engage in outreach Emarketing campaigns in the EU? The May 2018 regulation severely limits your ability to do it unless you have prior consent.

If not losing the ability to engage the EU market is important to you, let DMP help you obtain the necessary opt-in permission required by the legislation. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to protect your email databases.

We’ve developed four ready-made call-out programs to help you fast-track your opt-in process and prepare for GDPR.

Our GDPR team offers you the tools, templates and time to fast-track opt-in programs for Europe:

  • Process documents – to help you evidence your framework for GDPR compliance
  • A Project Plan – with defined steps and KPIs for an opt-in campaign
  • Pre-trained telemarketers – on standby to invite contacts on your database to subscribe
  • A ready-made database – to collect data elements for GDPR while you customize your own internal systems
  • Multilingual call teams – tasked with prioritizing their calls into the decision maker prospects that you DON’T want to lose the right to email next year
  • Sample data forms – and workflow templates
  • QC teams – to check data accuracy and list performance/value KPIs
  • Training packs – to help you present the 6 key pillars of GDPR to stakeholders in your organization.
  • On-line 24/7 reporting
  • GDPR-ready data file preparation with contact profiles and email opt-in preferences appended. The file format is prepared will all essential data fields to support compliance and best practices.
Why do more people prefer to opt-in over the phone, rather than via email campaigns?

Capturing personal data by phone in a courteous and personalized way not only demonstrates that your company ‘actually does care’ and is ‘worth engaging’, but it also makes life easy for your database contacts to decide if they’re in or out. A stand-alone email campaign asking people to update their profiles is all too easy to ignore and/or be considered a nuisance. And it’s the inactive contacts (non-responders) that you’ll no longer have the right to email after May ‘18.

Why use a specialist agency to run opt-in campaigns?

If you don’t have the right resource in-house with the right mindset and database tools/protocols, your investment could prove wasteful. Building opt-in lists by phone is time consuming and reliant on a persuasive voice to headline your company’s value proposition so that prospects CHOSE to SUBSCRIBE to your organization, and are accurately logged as doing so.

We have packages covering from 500 to 5,000+ contacts.

In addition to building you a list compliant with GDRP, DMP can enhance the program by offering to:
  • Pre-qualify prospects
  • Nurture key accounts
  • Profile companies
  • Set appointments when interest is detected

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