We’re good at what we do, but we can’t do it all.

On request, we’ll introduce you to specialized partners who have demonstrated their commitment to service and quality through numerous past engagements. You can trust these specialized marketers just as you trust Direct Marketing Partners, to honor your schedule and your budget and keep the leads flowing to your bottom line.

  • Beasley Direct Online Marketing

    BDM is a full service direct marketing agency offering services that range from email and direct mail strategy and execution to landing pages, catalogs, websites, white papers, branding, print advertising, SEO, PPC management, databases management, CRM, and various types of training. Direct Marketing Partners and Beasley Direct and Online Marketing have been working together for years to help clients go-to-market through multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns.

  • B2B Lead Agency

    B2B Lead Agency is a UK firm that is a leader in business to business customer acquisition and client retention using innovative engagement marketing and technologies. Their engagement marketing methodology is about engaging with prospects and customers, rather than bombarding them with traditional lead generation techniques. B2B Lead Agency works seamlessly with Direct Marketing Partners for shared clients, calling into EMEA and replicating campaign strategies, when appropriate, so that our common clients can maximize their campaigns globally. The B2B Lead Agency multi-lingual call centre extends DMP’s reach across the pond, as they say.

  • WebAttract

    WebAttract is a professional services organization that provides clients with an “end2end solution for webinar demand creation”, and they do this by providing a very collaborative service to manage some or all of the moving parts across the webinar lifecycle. Its value proposition is being able to provide clients predictable outcomes by balancing webinar technology, logistics and the human factors that are all part of a proven deadline driven methodology.

    WebAttract helps clients leverage the power of a well produced/delivered virtual event to a targeted demographic that would find the message to be informational (as opposed to a sales pitch) and by promoting their brand/thought leadership.  These participants are often motivated to have a 1:1 conversation “after the webinar” and to establish a business relationship.

    Direct Marketing Partners and WebAttract have had a trusted relationship for many years.Visit: www.webattract.com