We are often asked, “How can I prove that the changes I’ve made are helping to improve our lead-to-sales funnel?” The answer is…. KPIs.

Here are some of the key performance indicator (kpi) metrics that you may want to measure and use to analyze your campaigns and lead-to-sales conversion metrics:

  • List source performance & penetration
  • Web and landing page activity and progression into sales ready leads
  • Chat activity (What % are actually product/solution inquiries?)
  • Total # and % of inbound inquiries that tele-qualified into sales-ready qualified leads
  • Total # and % of outbound contacts engaged that tele-qualified into sales-ready qualified leads
  • Total # and % of leads (inbound or outbound) converting into future opportunities
  • Total # of “sales ready qualified leads” passed to sales
  • Total # and % of sales ready leads that convert into pipeline opportunities
  • Opportunities Closed/Won pipeline value
  • Opportunities Closed/Lost/No decision pipeline value
  • Total pipeline value
  • Amount invested in demand generation/lead generation activities
  • ROI

The key to successful marketing campaigns is continuous improvement, and if you fail to measure a campaign’s performance, you cannot improve it. Conversely, when you do measure, and measure thoroughly, you can provide upper management with accurate information about how your campaigns are contributing to the company’s bottom line.