Once you’ve defined the criteria which make a true sales-ready lead for your company, the next step is to calculate the number of leads you will need to produce each month to feed the sales organization.

Many B2B firms fail at this, so be sure to get this right. This is the critical feeder stream volume into your sales team. This volume of qualified sales-ready leads with the sales conversion rates applied should back into your sales revenue goal.

Some of the numbers you will be looking to quantify are:

  • Annual sales revenues goal
  • Sales revenue goal per quarter
  • Revenue per sale (total revenue per deal or lifetime value are popular numbers to use)
  • # Closed sales required per quarter
  • Estimated closed rate of pipeline proposal opportunities
  • # Qualified leads that convert to pipeline proposals per quarter
  • Estimated forward conversion rate from sales-ready leads into the sales pipeline (Impact)
  • # Qualified “sales-ready leads” required per quarter
  • # Qualified “sales-ready leads” required per month

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