tractionIf you are a venture capitalist, you no doubt want to see your start-up investments achieve their potential as quickly as possible. How can you ensure that a new company follows a proven path and gains immediate traction in its marketplace? Using outside resources can significantly improve your investment track record.

In fact, outsourcing tele-channel activity is widely accepted to have numerous benefits over building an in-house model. The primary reason is that you will see a return on your investment in the form of time savings, cost savings and additional revenue generation. You can also get unbiased proof of concept by way of third party reporting.

But what drives these savings? Here are some of the underlying factors:

  • Ramp-up – An outsource provider brings core competencies in developing and executing campaigns to quickly and efficiently custom design programs to match your needs.
  • Infrastructure Costs – An outsource provider has already made large infrastructure investments, such as office space, I/T systems (servers, PCs, software, database architecture, etc.) and other fixed costs. This reduces up-front capital and yearly operational costs for companies who outsource.
  • Personnel Costs – Staffing costs involve more than salary and burden a company’s internal systems by adding healthcare expense, payroll taxes, scheduling, vacation, sick time and HR and company liabilities.
  • Training Investment – Training is one of the most critical time investments in call center Operations. A quality outsource provider has the trained staff and programs already in place to effectively support your start-up’s programs.
  • Performance – In study after study, high quality outsourcing companies have demonstrated greater performance than their in-house counterparts. Outsource providers must prove their value every day or risk losing business to a competitor.
  • Metrics based reporting – In addition to impacting sales, an outsource provider can customize reports to track performance on all activity including agent productivity, disposition of calls and general acceptance of your offering in the marketplace.
  • Cost of Sale – An outsource provider is a lower cost channel for doing business by way of task substitution. By shifting certain customer interaction functions to lower cost sales channels, it allows the field sales force to focus their time on larger and more profitable opportunities.
  • Scaling – While a spike in activity can create problems for in-house marketing departments, an effective outsource partner can anticipate and scale up or down to match customer demands, ensuring that sales opportunities aren’t lost.
  • Seasoned Management – Outsourcing organizations leverage experienced management who will work with you as strategic advisors to help build the right tele-coverage model in support of your company’s business objectives.

All of these benefits can result in getting your start-ups to market fast so you’ll see a return on your investment sooner.