This condition is generally caused by having problems with generating a healthy sales pipelines. It creates  frustration accompanied by feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. You Need a Professional Marketing Funnel Management Agency


  • A gut feeling that Marketing Automation is not generating the expected results.
  • An abundance of unattended and/or unqualified leads in your marketing/sales funnel.
  • Email campaigns with too many bounce backs.
  • Large number of opt-outs, or worse, broadcasts being black listed.
  • No one responding, taking the offer, or downloading a paper.
  • The sales force nags about poorly qualified leads.
  • Support to generate sufficient content to maintain an appropriate sequence of touches is lacking.

If you are among those suffering from it you may be feeling alone and vulnerable, but rest assured that is not so. You are in very good company. Just look at the following stats:

  • Over 80% of companies invested in marketing automation fail to leverage the full capabilities of their tools due to lack of staff and process. (Gleanster Research, 2013)
  • 73% of the leads distributed to sales ARE NOT sales-ready. (Marketing Sherpa, 2013)
  • 70% of sales leads are not properly leveraged or are completely ignored. (Gartner Group, 2013)

If you (or your company) are experiencing these kinds of marketing to sales funnel challenges, don’t ignore them. See a professional soon to determine the cause. Professional evaluation will detect the gaps in your marketing program and prescribe remedies.

Possible treatments (to help move your prospects through the funnel and get them qualified into sales-ready leads):

    • Clean and build out the list.
    • Get help to qualify inbound responses (peer to peer).
    • Obtain the means to handle inbound 800 calls (peer to peer).
    • Implement outbound targeted tele-prospecting to non responders
    • Sustain nurture campaigns.

Remember, as Freud once said, the key to a cure is to admit that one has a problem and to seek support. A little mid-funnel analysis and action could be just the ticket to get your sales pipeline (and peace of mind) back on track.