Teleprospecting and Lead Generation Consulting Services

Whether you outsource your tele-services needs to a provider like DMP or handle that function internally, the goal of our Consulting Service is to help you better utilize a phone call as a strategic asset. If even one part of your tele-coverage process is off-kilter, it can negatively impact your bottom line and prevent you from reaching your sales targets.

For companies with inside tele-services capability, DMP provides comprehensive inside sales performance analysis to help you better understand what is working today and identify areas needing improvement.

Through a series of interviews with appropriate stakeholders, DMP works with you to understand your

  • Company
  • People
  • Products & services
  • Current marketing strategies
  • Lead management process
  • Challenges
  • Current performance against goals
  • Clients
  • Reports
  • QA process and procedures

Our approach covers 4 steps, all designed to provide an understanding of the key elements of your organization:

  • Initial discovery and collection of information
  • Assessment and analysis of current operations
  • Coverage model recommendations
  • Implementation road map

For start-up companies, our consultancy acts as a CMO-On-Demand. We can quickly create a go-to-market road map to achieve your revenue growth objectives, drawing from years of experience in setting up tele-prospecting and multi-channel plans. Additionally, we can

  • Identify target prospects and list sources
  • Set-up a telesales team overnight; establish a pay-for-performance model based on history and our metrics-driven reporting
  • Create brand awareness
  • Track leads and sales performance with detailed metric reports
  • Provide crucial market feedback

For DMP clients and companies wishing to outsource, we offer ongoing consultation and summary reports of current campaigns. Our reports highlight areas that are working well and addresses opportunities for improvement, making certain that your coverage model is aligned with your corporate strategies and goals.

We fully believe that when applied correctly, an effective “tele-strategy” can boost all of your marketing channels and enable your sales organization to achieve and surpass your goals.