Sexier than you may think…


While not exactly a sexy term, program management is the essential core from which successful demand gen marketing campaigns evolve and thrive. A marketing campaign may embody a great plan and content, but without stellar program management it may never find traction – in fact, it may never get off the ground. That is why the at Direct Marketing Partners, the Program Manager (PM) is your primary contact.

The PM is responsible to take the project brief and input from your marketing and sales groups and bring your campaign to life. He immerses himself with your offers, solutions and lead spec requirements from the get-go. He then directs the DMP team as it establishes campaign processes, sets-up call-ware and the CRM data infrastructure.

DMP embraces a modular, multi-touch and fully integrated marketing approach for campaigns, matching the latest best practices with your resources and ours. Our PM’s keep an eagle-eye on campaign KPI’s daily and if the numbers are falling short of projections they will swoop in and figure out options to achieve the desired results.

Our PM’s stay up at night so you don’t have to.

The DMP PM assumes overall ownership of team training, weekly reports and conducting weekly meetings with clients. He interfaces with all personnel on your account: the data team, QC, call center managers and reps. Senior DMP management staff also maintains an active role with the campaign.

In short, DMP’s approach to program management is:
  • We are an extension of your organization and work toward achieving the same goals and objectives.
  • We are flexible, agile and nimble, making us easy to work with.
  • We respond quickly, just ask our customers.
  • We aim to meet or exceed the lead goals necessary to optimize campaign ROI.
  • We perform internal analytics on a continuous basis and provide a weekly snapshot of KPI analytics showing program progression, identifying possible week spots and/or things that are working well and why.
  • We provide a proactive set of recommendations on every problem or challenge.
  • We offer complete transparency into the process – both productivity and outcomes – so there are few surprises.
  • We live by continuous improvement.
  • Finally, success and client satisfaction are measured by results. We want the campaign to meet or exceed agreed upon goals.
To learn more about how DMP can help you manage your next campaign, please contact us.

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how very pleased I am to be working with your staff. Your program managers are consummate professionals! It is truly a pleasure to work with them - they made my life so much easier. I am going to do all I can to promote your company to as many colleagues as I can, based on your excellent service and expertise.

Field Marketing Manager
Oracle/Sun Microsystems