There’s no way around it …

It is tough building and sustaining a viable sales pipeline.  But we can help – fixing leaky funnels is what we do.

 Direct Marketing Partners will support you with some or all of the moving parts in your pipeline building strategies. DMP identifies the problems and we focus only on solving those problems. If you are responsible for demand creation/lead generation, you may be facing challenges with your funnel process involving some or all of the following:

Top-Funnel – target, clean and timely response to your prospects:
  • Target Prospect Lists/Data Appends/List Builds
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Inbound Response Center: Digital Programs, Website Inquiries, Registrations, Toll-Free Numbers)
  • Audience Acquisition
Mid-Funnel – working to deliver Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) into the mid-funnel for final qualification
  • Sales Development Rep (SDR) teams and tools
  • Lead Nurturing/Lead Qualification
  • Sales Qualified Leads
  • Appointment Setting
  • Channel Partner Programs
  • Webinars
  • Chat Support
Bottom-of-Funnel – working to deliver custom Sales-Ready  or Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) to the sales team
  • Sales Qualified Leads in The Hands of The Sales Team
  • Client-owned Sales Process
  • Customer Service
Campaign and Lead Management:
  • Lead Handoff & Tracking into Pipeline
  • Metrics Reporting & Analytics
  • Prospect Database Management
  • CRM Data Integration
  • International Campaigns & Localizations
  • Compliance Issues 

Our Sales Development Rep (SDR) teams, tools and infrastructure can be an extension of your team and will close the hidden gaps that plague most companies. Where needed, Direct Marketing Partners will deploy its expert staff and technology. This includes the power of the personal phone call/human touch combined with an array of e-marketing technology tools to provide you with powerful business benefits and improved efficiency at a lower cost.

A word about lead quality: we’ve raised the bar.

We set our lead qualification and nurturing process around delivering qualified leads that meet your sales team’s custom criteria. Our award-winning process will  support each qualified lead with:

  • Accurate data supplied to your CRM system
  • An appointment set and an invitation sent for your sales reps
  • A PDF of the lead form with all details
  • An audio call recording of the qualifying conversation

Sales teams tell us they like this package because they can see and hear the prospect’s pain points and their sense of urgency as they prepare their sales calls.

For a free, Reverse Sales Funnel Analysis, please call us at (800) 909-2626, ext. 4 or contact us here.