Direct Marketing Partners humanizes lead generation, marketing automation and the tech stack by inserting voice and intelligence at just the right time! We gain the right to communicate and drive revenue for our customers.


With over 29 years experience in B2B marketing, Direct Marketing Partners is a lot more than just a contact center.

Direct marketing and B2B lead generation have become more and more complex.  DMP’s offering is dictated by a deep-rooted desire to serve the interests of our clients, which translates into a consultative and highly flexible, responsive approach. Ours is a multi-channel, multi-touch approach mindfully customized to each customer. There is nothing cookie-cutter about us! We utilize highly experienced contact center staff and direct marketing resources, combining ABM, Intent Data, digital and off-line touches.

Our clients tell us the DMP methodology and dedicated staff consistently deliver higher quality sales leads that turn into sales pipeline. And this is achieved at a lower cost than if you did it yourself.


Sales Pipeline Consulting
B2B Lead Generation
Account Based Marketing (ABM)
Data-as-a-Service/Buyer Intent Data/List Build
Reporting and Analysis
Inbound Marketing Services (Lead Qualification, Chat, Customer Care)
Outbound Pipeline Demand Generation & SDR Teams
Audience Acquisition
Customer Care Services
Public Sector Targeting
Appointment Setting
and a lot more…


DMP’s full range marketing services can be engaged individually or in combination.

DMP employs a strategic sales, marketing and account coverage methodology


Direct Marketing Partners’ approach supports all sales channels, such as quota-driven, inside sales reps, field sales and channel partners. Our holistic practice is the result of knowing that, on average, it takes 7-13+ touches to convert a cold prospect into a sales-ready lead. The entire process forms a closed-loop, customer acquisition strategy that permits continuous business intelligence gathering on prospects and customers, which in turn aids in the development of future marketing initiatives.

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