Sales Ready Leads are a necessity, but hard to develop

As B2B firms review how they generate and manage their lead-to-sales funnels, it is critical that the process includes an assessment of the Inside Sales processes and the SDR Rep effectiveness which may, or may not, be in place or performing optimally. These functions have a direct impact on whether or not leads convert into the sales pipeline. Getting these pre-sales stages right is of utmost importance, however most firms struggle here – but do not realize it.

At Direct Marketing Partners, we recognize that these presales tasks involve a vastly different SDR rep skill set, prospecting tools and management expertise than those required of the quota driven sales function. Consequently, we are focused on this important but neglected pre-sales function referred to as Inside Sales. As a managed services provider, we get the “inside-sales team and processes” right to enable maximum conversions into our client’s sales pipelines.

Clients rely on us to manage numerous mid-funnel, inside sales campaign types including:
  • Cold calling
  • Warm calling to a targeted list
  • Nurture leads which are greater than 6 months away from purchasing
  • New product launch introduction
  • Tradeshow/webinar follow-ups
  • Trial/whitepaper/gated material follow-ups
  • Email/direct mail campaign follow-ups
  • Webinar/seminar audience acquisition
  • Channel partner initiatives
  • New Industry/surveys
  • Appointment setting
Using different skill sets, DMP’s transactional sales solutions include the following:
  • Add-on, up-sell and cross-sell programs to build value
  • Database management to track customers
  • Email programs
  • End-of-life product sales to eliminate aging inventory and costly write-offs
  • Warranty sales to maintain owner loyalty
  • Annual sales contract renewals
  • Events

Why should a B2B organization discourage its sales (both inside and outside) reps from engaging in the activities listed above? Because it is a much better use of their time to concentrate on the vetted prospects that a presales team has uncovered. Sales reps should exclusively focus on developing relationships with qualified prospects and most importantly, CLOSING THE DEAL.