The Human Touch

The human touch point is a critical component in building 1:1 relationships and qualifying leads. That’s why DMP has invested in the infrastructure and professional development necessary to make B2B tele-prospecting (“voice”) a core competency.

  • Our contact center representatives/lead development reps are professional listeners and B2B communicators.
  • They’re adept at navigating the enterprise and dealing with high – level decision making executives and their gatekeepers
  • All representatives are routinely monitored and coached for constant improvement.

Direct Marketing Partners provides outbound, inbound and blended IB/OB contact center services. We offer small programs all the way up to cost saving, multi rep, dedicated teams for long term projects. DMP also offers a hybrid approach, working in tandem with clients’ sales teams, filling in as needed.

DMP campaigns and systems are compatible with all CRM/SFA tools for smooth integration.

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You guys are on a ROLL, and making me look SOOOOOOO good internally.  Keep it up because it's good for my career!  
Seriously, the black box lead and this STK lead show that your callers are intelligent folks and can roll with the customer wherever they take you in the conversation (it also shows a command of our product line up which also gives me confidence).  These qualities are very valuable to me.

Acting Director, Public Sector
Fortune 1000 High Tech

I can tell you that from all of the different telemarketing programs that generate leads for me to qualify - the success rate I have with your leads is TEN TIMES BETTER than any other telemarketing lead I've seen. I have been doing this job for four years now. The comments put in by your people are accurate and the customers agree with the notes. That is not always the case with other telemarketing companies. 

Also, the way your company is organized - you enable strong relationships with us (the customer) and you work within our requirements (scripts) and you do very well. I always enjoy calling a lead sent to me from DMP.

Matt Garradis
Oracle/Sun Microsystems