A powerful strategy…

if done right.  With DMP at your side, right is what you’ll get.


Account Based Marketing is a go-to-market methodology with a long track record of improving:
  • Sales in your company’s sweet spot target accounts
  • Extended longevity of key accounts (both new and existing)
  • Current customer account penetration
  • New  opportunities pipeline
  • Close rates
  • Marketing ROI
What you may not know is that Direct Marketing Partners has been leading the charge in ABM  for over 20 years.


How does the ABM approach work for you with DMP?
  • Strategy:

DMP’s Account Based Marketing service provides our clients a best practices road map to drive sales pipeline in strategic target accounts.  Our go-to-market programs are unique to each of our clients and its revenue goals.

  • Target account selection:

There are a number of means to identify and select your target accounts:

    • Your sales team may have a list of new accounts to pursue.
    • You can also use an ideal customer profile (ICP) and or use your current customers in a “look-alike” approach.
    • You may want to target your current account base and go deeper and wider in those accounts and their various other divisions.

And finally, you may want to use all or a couple of these strategies – all of which DMP can help you achieve.

  • Target account contact identification:

To be successful, you’ll need a clean prospecting database. In each of your target accounts, there are primary decision makers, key influencers, end users, technical/engineering teams, sourcing/procurement departments and other stakeholders on the buying teams that are currently unknown and must be identified. No simple feat! Finding them and capturing their contact information to fill the gaps can be arduous and too time consuming for your sales reps, since quite often, many contacts are not available from commercial lists and data sources.  DMP solves this. Based on your exact requirements, we’ll use our data tools and industry sources to map each of your ideal accounts, identify the appropriate contacts and validate their information.

  • ABM is about nurturing relationships in target:

ABM is proactive in its intent to reach out and engage your key targets, connect with them over time on their terms, gain opt-in permission, determine their roles and needs and communicate your value proposition personalized to each contact’s unique perspective and persona. Studies have confirmed that this can be challenging and very time consuming for in-house reps.  DMP’s dedicated pre-sales group economically provides this multi-touch professional prospect development as-a-service with skill, speed and precision.  Once a buy cycle is identified or a qualified prospect is interested and willing to meet with one of your sales reps, DMP sets the meeting and hands the opportunity off to your team with full details.

  • ABM favors highly personalized outbound strategies in target accounts:

In most cases, your ABM sales goals can’t wait around for potential key accounts to reach out to you. With our Intent Data option, DMP can flag and prioritize the accounts on your list who are researching online (but not on your website) for solutions in your categories. This ABM outreach expertise is where DMP can help your company shine and beat your competition to the punch.

  • ABM requires skilled communications:

DMP will provide your company with a dedicated team of professional account development reps, program managers who use advanced callware and email technologies which seamlessly integrate into your system.  We become a virtual extension of your organization to keep you in control, allowing you to leverage DMP’s expertise and resources as if they were your own.

  • What about all the ABM technology I keep hearing about?

There is no ABM software or additional on-line advertising for clients to purchase. The DMP ABM solution was designed to accomplish our client’s ABM sales pipeline building goals in their target accounts without additional software apps.  Our research has uncovered that, depending on the particulars of the campaign, adding ABM apps may or may not facilitate the prospecting process. Our team can help you determine the best approach based on your scenario. If you do have any ABM MarTech in place, DMP will easily interface with the stack and leverage it to your benefit.

DMP’s goal is to help companies focus on their target accounts’ buyer’s journey at the least cost and with a maximum ROI.

There are 3 ways you can deploy the power of your DMP team to help you with your Account Based Marketing Program:
  • As a “best practices” consulting partner to advise on how to execute an ABM program specific to your needs and scenario.
  • As a complete ABM team – from the strategic plan, the target account selection and data build, to a crew of SDR reps performing the account development campaigns and lead nurturing outreach to generate qualified appointments.
  • As a hybrid model – utilizing some of your team or resources, along with parts of the DMP solution/team that will make your ABM program complete.


Download our free ABM guide and case study here:  A Practical Guide to Using Account-Based-Marketing, featuring a look at  how Dalsin Industries put ABM to work. 



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