No doubt about it, marketing automation (MA) is here to stay.

It can potentially become a game changer in lead to sales acceleration or it can fall short if not done right. According to a recent Revenue Performance Management Gleansight Benchmark Report, superior performing organizations are more likely to invest in marketing automation and can correlate success with its use (when best practices are followed).

However, the report also found that:

  • Only 20% of companies use their MA tool to its full capability.
  • 70% are ONLY using it for batch / blast email.

DMP has also identified a trend of low performing lead to sales funnels in firms that are struggling with their marketing automation tools.

We have also seen a surge in client requests for inbound response qualification from their marketing automation activities. Marketing Automation software alone cannot develop B2B leads into the desired “sales-ready” level of lead qualification.

We’ve also experienced an influx of clients seeking improvement advice on designing and configuring their MA tool to move beyond email to achieve maximum benefit from their investment. In other cases, we’ve consulted with clients on assessing their needs, acquiring and implementing an MA tool.

We recognize these issues, so whatever your marketing automation needs, we have strategic and tactical solutions to help you increase sales.

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