It can make a good thing even better….

This service bundle is for the B2B firm that is generating inbound responses, but seeks to improve ROI.

Marketing automation has increased the need for a comprehensive inbound response qualification process. This process takes the hand raiser responders through the necessary steps to qualify them to meet the sales-ready criteria desired by most sales teams. The requests could come from long-time, established clients, as well as new customers. MA software is a component of the lead qualification process and will increase lead to sales conversion metrics. DMP integrates with all MA software tools as part of a complete lead qualification solution.


We remove the client’s burden of sifting through the responses. We will nurture prospects in

1:1 phone and email dialogs, as well as qualify and direct them to the appropriate sales team for follow-up once they reach the “sales-ready” qualification point.

Volume fluctuations:

One of the more difficult aspects of MA leads is the fluctuations in volume — they can be hard to predict. At DMP, we have developed a flexible approach — with incremental staffing to handle fluctuations. This enables clients to only pay for what they use without assuming expensive headcount costs.

More and more, B2B marketers understand that these responders are top of funnel diamonds in the rough that require diligent work to further develop them into qualified leads and then into new customers. This leads us to ask “Is Your Marketing Automation Showering You with Diamonds in the Rough?