Data is the heartbeat of your campaigns.


Clean and accurate data will provide access to your customers and prospects and intent data can tell you when prospects are researching and are “in-market” actively looking. Unfortunately, many B2B companies have prospect data challenges preventing them from targeting prospects effectively.

Your team at DMP is comprised of data experts and, as a service, will quickly address any data challenges you may have. As a services, we do all the heavy lifting and provide fixes in two distinct areas:

 “Data-as-Service” to fix the following data quality gaps:
  • ABM prospect account and contact data
    • Target account list driven
    • Ideal Customer Profile criteria driven (ICP)
  • Vertical market prospect data
  • Data enrichment/enhancement
    • Custom contact fields & opt-ins
    • Contact validation (data + human touch)
  • On-going prospect data management services


 “Buyer-Intent Data-as-Service” to identify your ideal prospects when they are

When prospects perform online research to address a problem, they leave digital footprints. However, most prospects perform research and consume content outside the view of your company’s website. DMP monitors this activity across the entire web and delivers the prospects in your ICP which are actively researching solutions in your solution categories. These companies are “in-market,” you just were unaware of them. Your intent data can be:

  • ABM Target account driven
  • Ideal Customer Profile driven

With DMP as your partner, you’ll receive all the prospect records who are in-market researching solutions that your company offers and that fit your ICP or are on your target list. We do all the work and you fish where the fish are!

Once you have identified your ideal prospects who are “in-market,” consider our Outbound Lead Generation and Qualification Services.

Contact us now to discuss your data needs.