Don’t let them slip through the cracks.

The first rule of long term business success is to care for, support and keep your current customers. Most can agree on this; however, the challenge is providing a positive experience, at an affordable budget and to allow your highly trained staff members to remain focused on their core role.

If you are challenged [or charged] with handling inbound responses, the LAST thing you want is to let current or potential customers slip away or go away disappointed. Unfortunately, it can happen. Our digital world moves fast and it can be difficult to respond to each customer’s needs in a timely and thoughtful manner. Customer care and retention are imperative to the success of your business and DMP has seamless services to turn every customer “touch” into a positive experience. And let’s face it, there is nothing like the human voice to trump digital communication at a certain point.

Let DMP Help Support Your Customers:
  • Inbound customer care contact center response handling, first line customer triage and support, telesales & renewals, order taking, service contracts, surveys & customer satisfaction, chat line, social media handling, end-of-life upsell
  • Registrations (products, events), warranties, App and digital tools support, customer onboarding, first level technical support, inbound response handling
  • Response overflow, disaster handling, 311 response/routing, inbound response handling, sending samples
  • Fundraising/taking pledges, registrations


  • Technology
    • Hardware or OEMs
    • Software / SaaS
    • Security
  • Manufacturing
    • Makers of things embedded with electronics (IoT), connectivity, etc.
    • Mobile phone applications
    • B2B products that can be sold over phone
  • Non Profits
    • Trade Associations
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Charities
  • Government:
    • Municipalities
    • Counties
    • State
    • EDU
DMP’s Value Add: Stellar Metrics Reporting

In addition to providing excellent customer service, DMP offers audited, timely, metrics-based reporting on customer experience, conversions, registrations, productivity, etc.! No information slips away…it is all captured in our system or yours. This information provides intelligence for future decision making and customer satisfaction levels.

SLAs such as Average Speed to Answer, Abandonment Rate, First Call Resolution, Turn-Around Time, chat response measurements, etc. are reported and have proven invaluable to customers for comparison purposes.

Here’s a Use Case:

Our client, a leading developer of high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media was launching a new mobile app for enterprise security platform throughout the U.S. and Canada. This enterprise mobile device customer base numbered in the millions.


Originally, the client desired an all self-serve path to perform the following:

  • Describe the benefits of the security platform
  • Registering and installing the test devices
  • After completion of testing, rolling out the security platform to the corporate fleet of mobile device users.

Unfortunately, the digital-only pathway proved problematic. The onboarding experience proved to be very comprehensive and customers had installation questions beyond the FAQs provided on the web site. This resulted in frustration, high volumes of abandoned trials and low customer satisfaction ratings. Also, the number of customer roll-outs was very low.

DMP’s Customer Care Solution:

Within days, DMP put together a customer care team to rescue the program. This was comprised of a trained team of customer support agents using the digital tools and engaging with the customers at the first sign of trouble.

The DMP team engaged new trial customers to simplify the onboarding and testing processes. Likewise, the agents helped with the roll out support as requested by customers. The team also received and triaged all incoming customer calls and digital inquiries. The reps listened to issues, captured information and moved customers along the appropriate problem resolution pathways. DMP’s customer care team played an essential role in the program’s success.


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