In-Person Events Depend on Attendance – Don’t Be Caught  Under-attended!

If you sell into a tightly defined geographical territory, an in-person seminar may be an ideal customer acquisition strategy. You get a captive audience of people who attend the event, and quite often you can initiate the sales conversation before they leave.

For your seminar to be a success, it needs to be sufficiently appealing so that busy executives will invest one of their most valuable resources—time—to attend. Marketers need to “repay” attendees with education, exciting news, or other information of real value. You need to promote the event appropriately with professional looking invitations that make people feel they are part of an exclusive group chosen for a “can’t miss” occasion.

Once prospects have registered, they should be reminded of the upcoming event through multiple touches without being overwhelmed with repetitive contacts. After the event, you can ensure a smooth transition into your lead management system with a contact (by phone or e-mail or other medium) to thank them for their attendance and invite follow-up questions.

Direct Marketing Partners can help you with the following:
  • Email invitational broadcasts and/or snail mail
  • Calling to follow-up on email and invite
  • Inbound registrations (email and toll free calls)
  • Reminder calls
  • Follow-up qualification and lead generation