Drive Attendance

You’ve invested to participate in a show—now you need to maximize it in terms of prospects that actually show up at your booth, sit through a demo or interact with your staff, and leave information on their title and their needs in a format that can feed into your CRM system.

The first step is what DMP does best—reach out with multiple touches to be sure attendees are aware of your presence at the show and why you should be on their short list of companies to visit. We can help you design and deploy custom emails or mailings as required, complete with memorable incentives to stop by. And don’t forget to include your current customers and prospects in these efforts—you’ll get an opportunity to catch up at the show, and you’ll benefit from additional traffic that makes your booth look like the place to be.

Direct Marketing Partners can help you with the following:
  • Email invitational broadcasts and/or snail mail
  • Calling to follow-up on email and invite
  • Reminder calls
  • Follow-up qualification and lead generation