You will get an ROI reflecting time and cost savings, as well as greater pipeline and revenue.


Here are some of the advantages:


  • Lead pipeline strategies– DMP provides each client advisory along with guidance into the right pipeline building model and best practices. We start with creating a metrics-based plan and model.
  • Infrastructure Costs– DMP has an award-winning system, technology and facilities for our clients to leverage and save money. No need to make and manage new infrastructure investments, such as office space, callware or new tech stack applications. Leverage DMP to reduce your up-front capital and yearly operational costs. We’ll provide the missing resources and integrate with your CRM and other systems you already have in place. Ask us for a cost comparison based on your current or future scenario; you’ll be surprised at the savings.
  • Staffing Costs– DMP provides the dedicated staff. Hiring and onboarding professional SDR prospecting reps, program managers and support staffing costs can be a significant burden to your company. These manpower costs involve more than salary and can sneak up on you. They include recruiting resources, staff benefits such as healthcare, vacation, Social Security payroll taxes, sick time, staff retention and other HR liabilities. Ask DMP for an eye-opening cost comparison on your program; you’ll be glad you did. You can shift expenses into a variable model which the CEO and CFO will love, while still having the dedicated and experienced team you need.
  • Training Investment– Training is one of the most critical time investments incurred in bringing SDR staff on board and up to speed. Beware, this process can take a company three to six months or longer. DMP has the trained staff and will dedicate an experienced team to your account immediately. We have the training process in place and operating. This will reduce your training costs down to a handful of hours and speed your program’s start-up timeline down to just days. Ask to see a timeline.
  • Campaign Launch and Ramp-up– DMP launches fast and accurately. As your outsourced pipeline building partner, DMP matches our services and expert staff to your exact needs and your lead quality specs. This includes DMP core competencies in creating your implementation plan, launching and executing your approved campaigns quickly and efficiently. This saves you significant time and costs in going to market and generating sales pipeline. Ask to see a sample implementation plan.


  • Performance– In study after study, DMP has demonstrated greater sales lead pipeline building performance over other outsource companies or in-house counterparts. DMP proves our value every day or we risk losing business to a competitor. Ask for a benchmark comparison; you’ll see what our customers see.
  • Metrics based reporting– In addition to impacting sales, DMP customizes our unique metrics-based reports to track performance on all lead development activity including campaign benchmarks, agent productivity, prospect funnel status and the marketplace acceptance levels of your value propositions and offerings in the marketplace.
  • Front line rep feedback reporting and call recordings– In addition to the lead generation and nurturing, DMP reps also summarize valuable front lines information in writing. DMP also provides audio recordings of the qualified leads sent to the sales team. Our customers tell us they love these value-add services. They can see detailed notes on the opportunities or objections and can hear what their prospects are saying about their offers. This helps management save time in refining messaging and reduces learning curves.
  • Cost of sale–Pre-sales lead pipeline building is what DMP does. With our best practices, DMP has proven to be a more affordable channel by way of task substitution. By shifting certain customer prospect development functions to a lower cost pre-sales team at DMP, this allows your field sales force to focus its time on larger and more profitable opportunities. Ask for a no-obligation quote or cost comparison.
  • Scaling efficiently– DMP is at the ready for when you need us. While a spike or drop in activity can create problems for in-house sales and marketing departments, DMP can scale up or down to match your volume demands, ensuring that sales opportunities aren’t lost.
  • Seasoned Management– DMP program managers are highly experienced and will work with you as strategic advisors. This ensures the right prospect engagement process are is in place to support your company’s business objectives.

All of these advantages can result in a considerable positive impact on a company’s bottom line. You can outsource a portion or all of your prospect pipeline building  with DMP to save money and get better results!

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