Discuss your lead development concerns with us.

Direct Marketing Partners understands that today’s economic environment is squeezing resources to the max and forcing B2B marketers to do more with less. If you want to improve any portion of your Lead-To-Sales process we suggest beginning with an exploratory discussion with us. Our 4-step demand generation assessment approach will identify precisely where improvements to your process are needed.

Our promise:

We’ll only address the areas you want to improve or test.

You will receive:

From this exploratory call, we will provide you a before and after metrics based assessment and solution, along with a sales pipeline projection.  This will give you an unbiased opinion of your current goals and processes, as well as the pros and cons of DMP’s industry leading demand generation services versus your current in-house solutions.

For more than 27 years, our approach has added hundreds of millions in revenues to our clients’ pipeline. Whether you are selling in the U.S. or internationally, Direct Marketing Partners is positioned to bring together all the necessary sales/marketing technology and human talent to get your job done.

Please call us at 800-909-2626 x 4 or email us to start the discussion.