Your list is the crux of your campaigns.

If physical real estate is all about location, location, location; then virtual real estate (i.e. who and what resides where) is all about data, data, data. And just as a prime location can offer a 365 degree panorama, data at its peak can provide sweeping views of your customers and prospects.

Unfortunately, many B2B companies are dealing with dirty data that prevents them from clearly seeing their target audience and marketing effectively to them.

Direct Marketing Partners’ data services include:
  • Cleansing (deduping, junk removal, upper lower case adjustments, etc.)
  • Contact field validation (human touch personally validates contact info, title, interest and opt-in status)
  • Normalization (breaking all values to their smallest component)
  • Standardization (making all versions of the same value identical)
  • Enrichment/Enhancement (append, social media, Business Intelligence tools)
  • On-going data management
  • Obtaining opt-ins

Direct Marketing Partners understands that inaccurate data directly impacts your bottom line. Every dollar spent trying to engage prospects that aren’t who or where you think they are is a dollar lost. That’s why our clients’ rely on us to make their most valuable asset as clean and robust as possible and keep it there.