DMP’s Contact Discovery and Account Mapping Services offer you the following:


  • Targeted lists
  • Company mapping
  • Broader opportunities
  • Deeper account penetration
  • A solid foundation for Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Are all your customers in your database? At many accounts, the true buying influencers may be different from the people who receive your marketing communications and sales contacts. You may be spending too much time pursuing the wrong titles, while you miss opportunities with your real customers.

Contact Discovery/Account Mapping –
Get A Real-Time Snapshot Of Your Account

Contact Discovery/Account Mapping is a way to get an up close and personal look into the correct decision makers in your target accounts. DMP will work with you to determine the accounts you want to target and call into each organization, interviewing decision makers and delivering a real-time snapshot of the account.

We can take it a step further and gain customized intelligence about your prospects’ current environment, identifying their purchasing plans for the next 6, 12, and even 18 months. You benefit from actionable intelligence that allows you to focus your marketing and sales efforts on the right targets at the right time.