I’m a start-up, responsible for launching my new solution.

I need to demonstrate that my solution not only works, but attracts attention to build awareness.I am starting with few existing resources to get propelled into the marketplace quickly and effectively. In addition to dealing with the production back-end, here are some of the marketing/sales concepts with which I must grapple.

  • Quickly creating a go-to-market plan to achieve revenue growth objectives; needing expertise in setting up tele-prospecting/sales and multi-channel plans
  • Telesales
  • Identifying target prospects and list sources
  • Building demand and brand awareness for new products through marketing and sales activities.
  • Developing ideas and strategies to help grow business, including analyst relationships, content production, media relations, messaging, PR, video and webinar production and social media
  • Obtaining market feedback and building a knowledge bank about my customers and prospects and our experience selling to them
  • Being able to track and demonstrate growth to my investors with metric-based reports – allowing myself and them to gauge results through an impartial window into processes and performance

I deal with Direct Marketing Partners because this company’s proven track record inspires confidence among my investors and enables me to plug the holes in my company, preventing us from spreading ourselves too thin in areas which are not our core strengths Their metrics-based marketing approach is critical to my success and communication with my investors.

Here Are Some of the DMP Offerings I Can Use:

  • “CMO-On-demand” – someone to step in, as needed, to help with strategy and tactics
  • The Four Step Approach [link] for successful implementation of tele-prospecting and sales
  • Marketing and CRM technologies
  • Help with webinars, PR, events
  • Outsourcing sales
  • Insourcing help
  • Metrics based reporting; weekly meetings
  • P4P model (after benchmarking)
I Recognize the Advantages of Outsourcing