I work for an established manufacturing company and am responsible for bringing my company into the digital age.

Whereas we used to rely on catalogs and trade shows to reach our audience, we now have to connect with customers in other, interactive ways. We’ve built a web site, but have no one to qualify the inquiries. Certainly our expensive sales folks don’t want to mess around with unqualified leads.

To sum it up, my company needs experienced outside help to do the following:
  • Create collateral/marketing plans
  • Work with MA and execute broadcasts
  • Qualify the inbound responses
  • Create reporting and analysis
  • Orchestrate webinars to drive branding and education
  • Establish a nurturing program

My company changes slowly, but DMP has a proven track record in all the services I need. Plus, they have the bandwidth to deal with our biggest projects and offer the flexibility to scale up and down as needed to bring us into the 21st century.