I need real pre-sales experts that will quickly assist me in diagnosing lead and sales funnel problems and advising my clients with best practices such as:


  • Identifying gaps in the lead-to-sales funnel
  • Providing input in developing my client’s sales development playbook (ABM or vertical market, Inbound or outbound)
  • Filling the missing service and staffing gaps for my customers to maximize operational efficiencies and minimize costs
  • Working with us to identify, validate and enhance the client’s ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Providing top of funnel target prospect list data as-a-service (ABM or vertical market)


  • Efficiently implementing campaigns I/we develop for go-to-market and lead generation
  • Providing multi-channel digital and SDR rep outreach to engage the client’s prospects, deliver compelling value propositions, identify needs/pain points and qualify leads to our spec
  • Nurturing prospects until they qualify and set appointments
  • Adjusting the prospecting process, messaging and touch cadences based on each situation
  • Tracking the KPI metrics and report prospect conversion rates along with front line rep feedback to myself and the client


  • Reporting the conversion benchmarks by campaigns, and all sources including digital, webinars, events, etc. to identify the best path to sales pipeline and ROI
  • Being accountable and proactive
  • Holding weekly meetings with clients and myself to explore, refine programs
  • Uniting sales and marketing teams through front lines feedback
  • Staying abreast of Martech and have the ability to sort out the issues, recommend and implement as requested


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