I dole out Marketing Development Funds (MDF) dollars, and I want to see my channel partners get the most bang for their buck. I run the “mothership” – and can control the messaging/scripting, data captures, list sources so that I know I can produce viable leads that will work for my channel partner and my company. By working smartly with Direct Marketing Partners, I can leverage my campaigns so I can roll them out affordably and effectively.

By using DMP, I am assured of getting:

  • An approved vendor that my company trusts and that carries the appropriate levels of security, insurance, industry knowledge and channel partner marketing savvy.
  • Consistency and uniformity in implementation of my campaigns with different participants.
  • An agency partner to watch my company’s back and best interests.
  • Economies of scale: I know I can execute a unique, well-designed campaign, splitting the development and set-up costs among several partners. This enables my partners access to a better program at lower individual costs and they also benefit from experience as we fine-tune along the way.
  • Time-savings, because DMP knows how to implement and will take on my partners without going through the usual contractual and set-up steps.

I receive Marketing Development Funds, and I need to “use ’em or lose ’em” before they expire. As a reseller, I need a marketing agency that empowers me to maximize my MDF dollars and helps me create campaigns that drive sales and demonstrate measurable and strong ROI.

I trust DMP with my MDF funds because:

  • Direct Marketing Partners understands that a small, stand-alone campaign won’t cut it, but when the costs are spread across several partners, we all get a higher return on our MDF investments.
  • DMP works for me on my offering, yet knows how to sell so many other solutions from major enterprise computing manufacturers. The callers are sophisticated, well-informed and can speak to all levels.
  • DMP is an approved supplier of lead generation services for many value added distributors and manufacturers and I usually can get approval from the mothership to bring DMP into the fold.
  • Direct Marketing Partners understands the Return On Investment (ROI) reporting requirements that must be met in return for Marketing Development Funds investments and tailors its reporting for my specific needs.