I’m in marketing and I have a dream…

…to see the funds invested in marketing automation truly support our sales pipeline. It’s not easy. Deploying and managing marketing automation and running creative demand generation campaigns that deliver successful ROI can definitely keep me up at night. However, as a Direct Marketing Partners client, that’s not the case.

I have a program manager and a whole team of experts watching my back. They help me:
  • Create a more fluid process for handling inbound responders.
  • Clean dirty and incomplete data and even build-out lists.
  • Improve lead-to-sales conversion rates.
  • Understand the complexity of our MA tool and its capabilities and integrate qualification processes with it.
  • Build effective segmentation plans and email nurturing programs.
  • Quickly set-up and launch lead generation campaigns.
  • Improve my online campaign performance.
  • Translate prospect behavior into meaningful data for our sales teams.
Direct Marketing Partner’s sales pipeline management and marketing consultancy not only make my job easier, they also help me sleep at night.

DMP is a dependable extension of my team. They take the weight off my shoulders with tools and services that make my job easier, whether it is diagnosing lead to sales funnel problems, configuring our MA tool to better meet our sales objectives or aligning marketing and sales needs through a customized scoring system.

Using my definition of a qualified sales lead, Direct Marketing Partners has:
  • Filled my sales pipeline with quality prospects.
  • Followed up on new data, such as Marketing Automation produced inbound inquiries, within 24 hours, so the contact doesn’t go cold.
  • Uploaded leads directly into my CRM system upon request.
  • Produced dashboard reports that have kept me informed about progress toward objectives, so I know exactly how many leads have been produced and which lists/events have produced the best results.
Would you like to sleep better at night? Contact us now.