Big picture, long-term goals, more sales…

I’m an executive responsible for a large sales and marketing division. Landing a new client or a big-ticket sale is great, but I also must keep focused on the bigger picture and consistently achieve longer-term goals. Here are just a few of the hot potatoes on my plate:

  • Meet or beat quarterly or annual revenue growth objectives.
  • Target and grow in new territories faster.
  • Build demand for new products.
  • Build a knowledge bank about my customers and prospects and our experience selling to them, so my company’s skills won’t walk out the door if a top salesperson does.

I enjoy dealing with Direct Marketing Partners because it is a company like my own with seasoned management at the top, a solid track record, and demonstrated financial and personnel stability. They have the bandwidth to deal with my biggest projects and the sophistication to talk with my senior customers as the voice of my company.

DMP has improved my bottom line by:
  • Providing my sales force with a continuous flow of highly qualified leads
  • Improving my ROI
  • Developing an up to date database of contacts for my new territories
  • Increasing my brand and my product awareness
  • Supplying me with regular and insightful reporting