I’m a venture capitalist, responsible for ensuring that my start-up investments achieve their potential as quickly as possible.

Recognizing a great solution is paramount, but I also need assurance that a new company follows a proven path and speeds off to market! Like most VC funds, mine has a particular life cycle and my time frame for a Return on Investment (ROI) doesn’t necessarily match that of my investment company (which is focused on long term growth and innovation). So I often believe in using outside resources to get jobs done. This improves my investment track record because:

  • My ventures can avoid the up-front capital investments of people and resources such as office space, I/T systems (servers, PCs, software, database), etc.) and other fixed costs as well as the operating costs.
  • We can get help with the overall management of the business development process with superior operational capabilities.
  • My investment companies can get help developing ideas and strategies to assist with early positioning to grow business, including analyst relationships, content production, media relations, messaging, PR, video and webinar production and social media.
  • Outsourcing means we can put a best practices telesales and/or tele-prospecting plan in place quickly, drawing from our partner’s years of experience and leveraging their technology platforms for deployment, dependability and scalability.
  • My start-ups can work on brand and product awareness while generating business through multi-channel campaigns.
  • I can take advantage of a metrics-based approach for strong accountability. I’m supplied with regular and insightful reporting with third party neutrality and can be assured of getting the straight scoop.[Case Study]

DMP’s CMO-on-demand enables me to plug the holes to implement campaigns fast and I can turn this on and off at will. This affords me:

  • Consulting services for the roadmap – both for in-house implementation or outsourced campaigns
  • 4 Step Process to implement a telesales campaign
  • Help with PR, media
  • Weekly metrics based reporting
  • Weekly meetings with my (outsourced team)

I recognize the Advantages of Outsourcing.