Marketing  agency efforts can be difficult to measure.

I run a traditional marketing agency in the business of keeping my clients’ offerings in the public eye. With an expert team of writers, designers and managers, my agency:

  • Creates content
  • Develops collateral
  • Handles PR
  • Produces events
  • Designs websites
  • Writes newsletters and blogs
  • Performs media buys
  • Produces annual reports
Still, I have to prove our worth to upper management and measure our success.

Our efforts generate inbound inquiries for our clients’ but we lack the means to convert the interest into sales. My clients’ sales teams focus on closing deals and I cannot be assured they will handle the early stage inquiries. I certainly can’t expect them to follow up the 7-13 times it can take to connect with a prospect. And yet I need this to be done to show the value of my marketing efforts in accelerating sales.

Enter DMP, with its human touch (aka tele-prospector) perseverance in
  • Tracking down contacts to have the qualifying conversations
  • Building/cleaning lists so that my clients’ collateral reaches the right audience
  • Metrics reporting to show results and prove ROI

In short, I rely on Direct Marketing Partners to do the one-on-one outreach, and have peer conversations to convert the inquiries our work generates into sales-ready leads for our clients. And I can also use DMP to fill in other gaps such as running my Marketing Automation.