If you’ve been following our blogs or reading our whitepapers, you know how we feel about multi-touch campaigns: they are an absolute necessity to generating qualified, sales-ready leads in the B2B arena. And if you have read the Direct Marketing Association’ Response Rate Study, you will concur that “A single touch simply will not get the job done!”

You’ll need to develop a sequence of relevant personalized content to deliver to prospects over time. Doing this will help you earn the right to engage your prospects as a peer and ask the questions necessary to qualify them.

Here is a list of digital and off line personal touch tactics to consider as you create your campaigns:

  • Website Content & Messaging
  • Landing Pages
  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Tele-prospecting/ Tele-nurturing
  • SEO/ Digital Ads/ Banner Ads/ Content Syndication
  • Events/ Webinars/ Seminars/ Trade Shows
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Text messaging

Determine your budget beforehand when possible, so that you can choose the touch tactics that best fit your funds. If you are focused on revenue contribution, then use your lead requirements funnel metrics here, and back your campaign lead generation numbers into your plan. If you need a lead to revenue calculator tool, here is one. http://www.directmarketingpartners.com/resources/tools.html Important note: Make sure that you have the demand gen tactics in line to produce your lead-to-sales funnel numbers.

Another option for keeping the budget in check is to use “small net fishing”. Select ONE segment of your target market at a time and develop a multi-touch campaign to engage them. The more segmented your prospect list is, the more personalized your messaging can be. Try it for a minimum of 3 months and measure the response. If your company is like many B2B firms, this highly targeted, multi-touch approach will prove less costly, more productive and yield higher lead to sale conversion rates in less time than typical, less-focused demand gen campaigns.

Bonus Tip A: Benchmark each campaign’s metrics as they unfold and compare the funnel KPIs (key performance indicators) back to your original metrics plan to make sure you are on track to deliver.

Bonus Tip B: Demand generation campaign KPI metrics tracking is a best practice, but can be very challenging and time consuming for many companies. Consider outsourcing the heavy lifting to a qualified and experienced service provider with this expertise. Ask for references. For more information in developing lead-to-sales multi-touch campaigns, please contact us here.