11 Tips To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns – Tip 11: Analyze Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Metrics

We are often asked, “How can I prove that the changes I’ve made are helping to improve our lead-to-sales funnel?” The answer is…. KPIs. Here are some of the key performance indicator (kpi) metrics that you may want to measure and use to analyze your campaigns and lead-to-sales conversion metrics: List source performance & penetration … Continued

11 Tips To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns. Tip 9: Consider Tele-Qualification If You Want A Force Multiplier

As each quarter winds down, you and your team no doubt review your marketing lead-to-sales pipeline conversion rates. How are you doing? If the funnel conversion metrics are lower than expected or you just want to increase them, you may want to consider adding peer-to-peer tele-qualification to your touch sequence. Research indicates that peer to … Continued

Something Ventured, Traction Gained: The Benefits Of Outsourcing For Start-Up Investments

If you are a venture capitalist, you no doubt want to see your start-up investments achieve their potential as quickly as possible. How can you ensure that a new company follows a proven path and gains immediate traction in its marketplace? Using outside resources can significantly improve your investment track record. In fact, outsourcing tele-channel … Continued