The In-house, Pre-Sales Foolery

Don’t be Fooled – The in-house, SDR Pre-sales Challenge –  More often than not, the B2B pre-sales function is treated as the orphan child of many in-house sales organizations. This happens because, “culturally” speaking, the required skill set of the sales development reps (SDRs)  engaged in this activity is perceived to be of less importance … Continued

The Lead Generation Battlefield

A view from the trenches As the VP of Operations of a 23 year B2B lead management services firm, I have been directly involved with hundreds of B2B sales lead campaigns resulting in many millions of individual interactions with prospects on behalf of our clients for whom we generated hundreds of millions of dollars in … Continued

Cold Calling Scripting Best Practices

“A script is a conversational combination of well-planned words that, when delivered naturally, elicit the listener response we desire” – Art Sobczak, Smart Calling. Cold calling is not for the faint of heart. Many factors outside the caller’s control can conspire to prevent him from accomplishing his goals. To mitigate these factors, preparation is the … Continued