Don’t Be A Barbarian At The Gate

It’s a fact: in today’s business climate, it takes much longer to reach decision makers. It seems that our best efforts at creating content and value, as well as our ability to broadcast vast amounts of information to well targeted titles does not seem to be generating the response we expected. The decision makers who … Continued

Do It All In-house or Benefit from Collective Intelligence

Do this exercise with a friend or colleague before reading the rest of this blog. Exercise (3 steps). Step One – WITH NO DISCUSSION both you and your friend make a list of things you can do with a pencil. Time limit: 1 minute Step Two – Share each of your lists and see how … Continued

EdNet 2013 25th Anniversary Event: The Future is Bright and Exciting

EdNet — what a tremendous event put on by MDR.  It’s called the “adult event” of the Education Technology Industry because one is not only able to see the President of the McGraw-Hill School Education Group sitting next to the CEO of Pearson North American Education discussing industry related topics, but also able to sit … Continued

Can You Handle the Truth? What People Say About Marketers and Vice-Versa

With this title, you might be expecting me to blurt either Tom Cruise character Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee’s line “I want the truth!” or Jack Nicholson character Colonel Jessup’s “You Can’t Handle the Truth! …” from the movie A Few Good Men.  Instead this is about couples’ therapy TRUTH and I’m hoping you don’t think of … Continued

7 Reasons to be Passionate about Education Technology

Do you know me?  If you did, you would say (I know because I asked them on Facebook) I love football, especially the Seattle Seahawks, I am loud, live in champagne world on a beer budget, spiritual, loyal, passionate, my niece thinks I’m both cool and weird, and I am an Adam Smith capitalist (This … Continued