The short answer is yes; unfortunately, this happens more often than we might think. We asked CEOs “What are the biggest reasons why a CEO would not approve the marketing budget?” It turns out that CEOs require end-to-end continuity in any process or plan. When it comes to sales and marketing, CEOs want an ROI; they want a clear comprehensive end-to-end go-to-market process and measurable execution plan. It must quantitatively outline how targeted prospects are identified, become aware of the company/solution, engage, convert into a valid contact with needs and interest to resolve (aka-qualified lead), a simple handoff into the sales team – sales process, and “pipeline.” They are keen to identify any “gaps” in this process because they know a flawed plan will have problems from the start and waste time and money. The lesson is that you must have a well-defined and functional full-funnel process, and you may need outside resources to achieve this economically.

You might say that there is no “perfect funnel.” You would be correct. However, by starting with a good end-to-end review, you can minimize issues. Additionally, if challenges arise during execution, you will need expert resources standing by and available to help you plug and play quickly.

What do successful companies do? They have an experienced full-funnel marketing services partner who can quickly step in to fix lead-to-sales funnel breaks. DMP can be your on-demand partner for both the initial assessment and resolving any funnel problems, big or small. And our clients name the budget.

Here’s how you can leverage DMP as your secret weapon. There are three tracks.

Funnel Assessments:   By staff or function:   By the Solution Bundle:  
Track A  Track B  Track C 
Assessments Fractional staff & tools  (a la carte) Solution Bundles As-A-Service
Find out where your lead-to-sales processes need improvement and find the gaps holding you back Use DMP’s fractional + experienced staff as needed to execute your go-to-market plan/strategy Create your own custom lead-to-sales pipeline solution using DMP’s experienced staff and turnkey resources
Assess by funnel stage
  • Enhance your team
  • Select a turnkey solution
  • Data/Lists
  • Data/list build specialists
  • Prospect Data: ABM or Vertical
  • Top of Funnel (GTM)
  • Digital marketing specialists
  • Digital Demand Generation
  • Mid-Funnel (GTM)
  • MarTech Integration, content specialists
  • Lead gen/nurturing/qualification
  • Bottom of Funnel (Sales)
  • Prospecting outreach & SDR reps:
  • SDR Omni-channel outreach/appts
 From unaware to revenue
  • Outbound/Inbound/CX
  • Sales pipeline conversion tracking
  • Metrics, reporting analytics specialists
  • Sales success metrics & ROI