Shrinking Investments, Greater Returns Expected

Current trends are showing that the era of unlimited marketing budgets has come to an end and that those who control the purse strings are inclined to mandate faster returns on shrinking investments. One sure way for those in the implementation side of the equation to meet these new demands is to outsource lead gen services, thereby avoiding the costs of office space, equipment, staffing salaries and benefits, as well as training, technology stack expenses, turn-over, etc.

The key to success with this endeavor is to partner with the right vendor – one that is fully ready to execute quickly. This vendor must be capable of becoming an extension of your sales and marketing teams and have the ability to address the multiple challenges often posed by most complex campaigns. An additional outsourcing benefit is the unbiased and experienced perspective such vendors can offer. They have worked with many companies and have “lived” through many scenarios. Consequently, they can effectively identify and plug any gaps in marketing strategies.

Bundle People, Process and Tools

When looking to outsource, it is important to understand that your marketing vendor needs to be much more than a call center or just an automated marketing platform that promises to do it all for you.  In today’s marketing landscape, you need a combination of digital marketing and the human touch – i.e., technology and people! You should choose a vendor that can offer a wide range of services, such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Inbound/Outbound lead qualification (both traditional and Account-Based Marketing processes)
  • CHAT management services
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Sales/marketing operational support tasks
  • Custom data list building (Account-Based Marketing)
  • Buyer Intent Data as-a-Service
  • Campaign performance reporting
ROI/Leads AND Intelligence

If the vendor selection is made wisely, not only should the ROI be on target, but also your company will gain significant and long-lasting insights into the market and effective messaging, thereby empowering future marketing and sales efforts.