ABM’s Multi-Touch Outreach Grind

The Lead Generation Grind Many B2B companies do not fully realize what it takes to implement and sustain a well-executed ABM demand generation effort to produce highly qualified leads in target accounts. It’s easy to assume that current technologies will magically transform sales pipelines into automatic growth machines that, once in place, will hum along … Continued

The Key to Best Outsourcing: The Right People with the Right Tools

Shrinking Investments, Greater Returns Expected Current trends are showing that the era of unlimited marketing budgets has come to an end and that those who control the purse strings are inclined to mandate faster returns on shrinking investments. One sure way for those in the implementation side of the equation to meet these new demands … Continued

Cyber Security Client’s Journey

  Part I in a Series of Customer Case Studies My name is David Monfort and I am the Director of Customer Strategy at Direct Marketing Partners (DMP). My job is to help clients strengthen their sales funnels. My job is to help clients strengthen their sales funnels. Smart strategy and extremely thorough processes/execution are … Continued