A Radio Interview with Gary Michels

Radio Interview on “Turn It Up a Notch” with Gary Michels, Southwestern Consulting, Sales Growth Debra discusses DMP’s success as a metrics-based contact center

Why Marketing Automation needs Outbound Telemarketing!

Debra da Costa is the founder and CEO of one of the leading sales lead management service providers, Direct Marketing Partners. Debra is a pioneer in the sales lead field. Debra da Costa founded Direct Marketing Partners in 1991 with the goal of creating a company truly responsive to the individual needs of clients. To … Continued

How To Develop Leads That Will Close

Host Jim Obermayer and his guest Tom Judge tackle the thorny issue of not just how to create inquiries and leads, but leads that actually close. As Vice President of Direct Marketing Partners, Tom has solved this problem with some of the largest high-tech companies in business to business and also some of the most … Continued

Fixing Mid-Funnel Marketing Breakdown

Listen to this 30-minute discussion on how to diagnose and fix mid-funnel problems from a recent Sales Lead Management Association Radio Show featuring DMP’s marketing strategist, Tom Judge.