In our last Blog, we shared an E-Book on Best Practices for Implementing ABM to Drive Revenue Growth and ROI.

For this blog, we want to share the next group of logical questions to ask:


Once you have a strategic vision of ABM for your company, what’s the most efficient way to implement or improve your version of ABM?

Answer: There are two paths you can go down. 

  1. Do everything yourself. (Recruit, hire, and onboard experienced staff, buy multiple software tools/platforms (you have several thousand to choose from) bring on the integrators, test, and eventually launch -many months later, then iterate… (Give it 6-12+ months)
  2. Engage an “ABM-as-a-service” firm with experienced staff ready to customize and launch your program in two weeks at a fraction of doing it yourself. Then refine in days, not multiple months.

Learn more about the idea sweeping the b2b community:  ABM as-a-Service